Here are a couple other things to keep in mind:

When you first purchase your traffic exchange:

*Login Admin Menu
*Click On "Authorization" and change your email address.
*Click on "Properties" and change your default site & default banners.

Think of your traffic exchange as a casino:

You want the user to want to login & surf, but you want to make sure traffic is being generated by those users.

Under no circumstances do you want a user to earn more than 1 credit per site viewed unless they are an upgraded paying member.

Here are a couple things to take into consideration when making sure your user's aren't getting more than 1 credit per site viewed:

- Min & Max Rate Setup under "Sell Accounts" for the Basic Account.
- Credits given "Per Site Viewed" under "Refer Level" on each level.
- Contest bonus links setup under "Properties".

Take the Min&Max Rate, add that total to all the "Per Site Viewed" credits being given on each level, also add the average # of credits a user would recieve per site if they clicked on each bonus link, if that number is below 1 you are okay, if it is above 1 you are running a traffic exchange that is paying out more than it is generating.

No casino would survive if it had a 150% payout to all it's customers, neither will your traffic exchange.